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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Make Your Own Vanilla Bean Parfum

Vanilla parfum and Madagascar Vanilla Parfum. You can get small spray bottles for about $1.00, or recycle an old one.

I make several different parfums, different scents for different moods, but vanilla is hands down, my favorite, to wear. I don't mean that fake-vanilla scent in many colognes, but the scent of real vanilla, like Pierre Montale-$130.00 a bottle, or Serge Lutens-$240.00 a bottle. I'm going to show you, how I make my favorite parfum, from vanilla beans, but first here's a little F.Y.I.
Did you know, Vanilla is considered one of the top aphrodisiacs? Musk and Jasmine are at the top of the list too.
Using high quality fragrance oils(synthetic), or essential oils, you can create high quality parfum, for less than a really cheap bottle of cologne.
In the parfum industry, there are universal measurement classifications, that are used. The fragrance is mixed with high quality, alcohol, a light neutral oil, (like jojoba, grape-seed, or fractionated-coconut oils.) and distilled water

Parfum is 20-30% scent, such as extracts, essential oils, or fragrance oils
Eau de Pafum is 15 % scent
Cologne is 5% scent
Splash is 1-2% scent

First extract the scent from vanilla beans by:
Put 3-5 vanilla beans in a jar, with a lid, and cover with vodka. Place the lid, and set it in a dark cool place. Shake once a week. Steep for 6 months. You can speed up the process, considerably, if you split the beans, cut them into small pieces, then cover with vodka. Steep for 2-3months, or until it has a strong vanilla aroma. Strain before using. I use a coffee filter, in a funnel.

Ingredients for the parfum:
2Tbl. oil - used to make the scent, cling to your skin
6Tbl. vodka (it's almost as pure as the alcohol used in parfumery)
2Tbl. distilled water
1/4cup of the vanilla, you extracted
Add all ingredients to a spray bottle. shake well. I let it blend for a couple of weeks, before I start using the fragrance, shaking once a day. Once you begin using the parfum, shake before each use.

Optional-( For a Madagascar Vanilla type parfum, I add a drop or two, each  of, Jasmine fragrance oil , Musk fagrance OilLemon Sugar fragrance OilAmber Romace fragrance oil , I get from Natures Gardens.

Let the beans steep for 6 months.

As a perfume doth remain,
In the folds where it hath lain,
So the thought of you, remaining,
Deeply folded in my brain,
Will not leave me, all things leave me,
You remain.
From_'You Remain'- Aurthur Symons

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