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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moisturizing, nourishing hair mask

My poor hair has been looking a bit rough lately, so I threw together my favorite hair mask. I've heard it said, that some people have had problems, with banana leaving particles (banana seeds) in their hair, after washing. This photo was taken after my hair dried. I only combed it once, right after I towel dried. I never see particles, and my hair feels so much softer and manageable, after just one use. It feels lighter than conditioner.
Any of these ingredients can be used on skin, too.

1 can coconut milk-(moisturizes, nourishes, helps with frizz)
3 bananas-(moisturizes, nourishes)
1 peeled avocado-(moisturizes, nourishes)
2Tbl. honey- (a humectant, and helps with frizz )
1tsp. almond oil-(moisturizes, helps with frizz, for shine)
1tsp. vinegar- (for shine)
1/2tsp almond extract-(fragrance)
1/2tsp vanilla extract-(fragrance)
Puree all ingredients, in a blender, for 5 minutes. Saturate dry hair, with the mask. (It will not be thick.) Wrap your hair in plastic wrap for one hour. Refrigerate remainder.
Give your family the 'Vulcan Salute' or say, "I come in peace", or "Nan-oo nan-oo" because you look like a bad sci-fi movie.
After 1-hour, rinse well, and wash hair. It's OK to use a conditioner too, if you hair is very dry.
I also use 1 cup, in my bath,  for a moisturizing, bath soak.  I use it, before each hair washing, until I have emptied the container. Makes 2 to 3 cups.

Here are some other ingredients that can be beneficial.

yogurt-(softens and makes hair manageable)
egg-( for splitting hair, nourishes)
cucumber-(moisturizes, nourishes)
lemon-(brightens blonde hair)
cocoa powder-(moisturizes and deepens dark hair)
strawberry-(shine, nourishes)
Kiwi-(moisturizes, nourishes)

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