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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Make your own- Cannoli and Cream Horn forms

                         Make your own- Cannoli and Cream horn forms

Cream horns, were called clothespin cookies, by early American settlers. They used round wooden clothespins, as forms. You can buy the metal forms, and they will actually be horn shaped, but I like D.I.Y. projects. These work great, and cost less than $5.00 a dozen. Spray them between each batch, you form.

I used 5/8-inch x 36-inch wooden dowels, cut into 5-inch lengths. You can use a larger diameter, if you like. These are made from a very soft wood (balsa-I think) So they're very easy to sand. I beveled the edges a little too. You need at least a dozen forms.

Wash the dust from sanding, and allow to dry, completely. I sprayed them heavily, with canola oil, and let them stand overnight. The next day, I sprayed them again, and let them stand overnight. I washed them the next morning. They are ready to use. Don't leave the oil on them, or it will turn rancid. Spray before using, and wash after each use. The canola spray, works better than anything else I've tried. (I use Crisco brand)

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