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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bringing an herb from the garden - indoors

Tarragon is a perennial. I grew a different variety, this year, (Texas tarragon) that I really liked, but it's only hardy to zone 8. It's doesn't stand a chance in my zone 5b garden. I wasn't sure if I would find another, next spring, so I decided to bring it indoors.

I dug it up, shook off as much garden soil, as I could. This was a fairly large plant, so I cut it back to about 4 inches, to reduce the shock, and give the roots a chance to recuperate. I kept it moist, and after 2 weeks, I'm seeing signs of growth. Now I'll have fresh tarragon in the winter too.
I also brought in a Thai basil, and a  ghost pepper plant, that hadn't bloomed yet. (it started setting flower buds, after I potted it... go figure)  I didn't have to cut either of them back, and they look happier indoors than out. If you bring an herb indoors, that is growing a little lopsided, just cut it back, a bit and it will grow back fuller, and more evenly.

                        Thai basil 'Siam Queen' growing happily indoors.

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